“…and a new kind of love has grown.” (A reminder of hope, as only the amazing Madeleine L’Engle can show us.)

March 2022

Sometimes, tools like hope psychology are easier to see on a larger scale. And no one can teach us more about hope right now than Ukraine.
A visual way to see how your hope needs help
How Lent can make room for hope in our life, in a way backed by psychology research

February 2022

A Pleasant Story of Hope That Doesn’t Depend on People
How it’s possible to have hope even in things beyond your control
The biggest problem with hope is that it seems like a big, nebulous, wishy-washy concept. It can be more than just inspiration, hope can be useful.
A story of strong but lopsided hope— and hope for strengthening it

January 2022

(I’m having a hope moment)
This is Practical Hope, a newsletter about making hope real for the Church and beyond.